Building more than houses... Building Blessings

Building more than houses...   Building Blessings

Ok, it’s been over three months since we launched our new web site, so we are way over due in terms of communicating with our clients and friends in terms of a how things are going and what’s ahead for our firm. “Blogging” is definitely a new form of expression for us. It’s one thing to express your ideas through architectural creations of materials and details. But another thing entirely to communicate our ideas and thoughts in written dialogue. A little more intimidating for sure.

Since our new site went live back in early July, we have been very pleased with the general site activity and reactions of those visiting. It appears we have been successful in finally creating a seamless, singular site that can contain the wide range of work our firm has been engaged in over the last 30 wonderful years. As we move forward, we will periodically update the site with our latest designs, ideas and interests. Since this is really our first official “post”, we think it’s appropriate that we start the dialogue with something very special and personal. Something more than just the latest project, architectural insight, or really inspiring design. Something with eternal significance, something that really counts, that can impact and change people’s lives, and actually bend or alter the future for many many people, most we have never met.

The last few years have been very difficult to say the least not only in the housing business but across the US economy at large. The recession has crippled many businesses and individuals in ways not seen since the great depression. The devastation has been widespread and deep. It has had an effect on people’s lives causing many to question and rethink the priorities in their lives. For our firm, these trials caused us to surrender or abandon many of the grand scale directions we were headed toward, and get back to the foundations of our work as well as the foundation of our personal faith in God. To us, God is the ultimate designer. He designed and created us all; he made our world and all that is in it.

One of the things we love about God, is that even though he made us as perfect creatures, he also knows we will soon mess things up as we grow and ultimately do things on our own, often forgetting that his fingerprints are written across every living thing. Funny how seasons of prosperity in our lives can actually lead us farther away from knowing him, and how trials and hardship often are the seasons we must travel through in order to find our way back into a relationship with him. So we give thanks to God for all things, and humbly acknowledge that it took these unwelcome events to abruptly stop our race in the wrong direction, and ultimately lead us back into the best he has for us, the real God written purpose for our lives. We are thankful truly immeasurable quantity of love he has for us. His patience, his gentle, renewing spirit and ability to resurrect the spiritual and even the physical dead.

So we have a new start, a new purpose and could not be more thrilled to share not only our work, but as much of our faith that is appropriate given the nature of our business, and the purpose of our work. Yes, these are very personal aspects of our lives, but our work is also very personal, so occasionally, like now, we will reveal some of what motivates us, what inspires us and what our most sacred loves are, the things that have eternal value.

We believe that God is the source of all of mankind’s blessings, including all our personal gifts and talents. Each of us is perfectly made. Each has unique gifts, given to us to use in a unique time in creation. This is our time, our generation. This is your time, your generation as well.

How can we accept these gifts, often without even as much as an acknowledgment of where they came from? We use them for our gain, for our plans and purposes, acquiring wealth and possessions, adding more and more distraction in our lives, and ultimately more and more distance from God the Father.

So for us, the day is here for a new life and purpose. Gods purpose, Gods life moving forward.

Does this mean we are no longer in business, no longer designing beautiful homes, wonderful places for all to enjoy? No, in fact quite the opposite. It means we now look to him to place everything he wants into our lives. To prioritize and lead all we do as a business. To use our talents to meet the needs and exceptions of our clients in a way that pleases God. But even more exciting is he has called us and led us to work on and serve his purposes by using our design abilities to build his Kingdom here on earth.

So in order to be faithful to this calling, I have joined a wonderful new non denominational Christian ministry called “Building Blessings”. Building Blessings mission is to help build the kingdom of God here on earth by assisting local churches who are in distress and constrained by limited financial and design resources. By leveraging our design and presentation talents, Building Blessings assists churches to articulate creative solutions to their planning and construction needs. Once these tools are in place, Building Blessings aids and assists these churches to reach out to the community to attract the resources necessary to make their projects a reality.

At Stephen Fuller Designs, we have made a career out of creating wonderful new places for people to live and work. Now the time is here for us to answer Gods call and also focus our talents to help churches to be reborn and rebuilt in order to be the vibrant living organizations they must be in order to minster to and serve Gods people. If you also have heard Gods call to help others through your life, we invite you to join us as we embark on this most joyful calling. To find out more, contact us @ 678-775-4668 or visit us @ www.buildingblessings.com.


We wish many of God’s blessings in your life,

Stephen Fuller







Welcome to the Stephen Fuller Classic Places Blog!


Welcome to the new Stephen Fuller Designs Blog - "Classic Places

We are today embarking on an entirely new online endeavor, in which we share with the world our passion for Classic Design, and the work we have produced in our nearly thirty year history that reflects that passion.

In addition to the plethora of information we are unveiling in each of the divisions of of our site, we are also launching a new Design Blog, "Classic Places" as a lively way to interact with our readers, friends, and clients and provide a glimpse into the world of Stephen Fuller Designs. 

In this blog, we'll share among other things...

...The places and things that inspire us...


...The new and exciting projects we're currently working on...



  ...And some of our favorite classic architectural works! 


We look forward to, and encourage your comments and feedback on this, and each other section of our new site!  Become a member, and engage with us!


Wishing you all the best,

Stephen Fuller Designs